Printing your own photos: My experience with The Printspace

As a passionate photographer, I’ve always struggled to find the ideal print service to bring my shots to life. But after much trial and error, I found The Printspace, a true game-changer in photo and art printing.

Before that, I tried several Danish print services with limited success. They were quite expensive and I experienced quite a lot of print quality issues, resulting in returns and a bad experience – I was even starting to think that maybe my quality standards were too high or something like that.

So I even went ahead and bought myself a professional photo printer – And who would have known that photo ink evaporates into thin air (or into an inkwell) and that it would cost €700 to refill a printer 🥹

Why I Choose The Printspace

After those experiences, I found The Printspace, and it is by far the best print service I’ve tried. Not only do they deliver great prints, but they also integrate very well with my website – I can’t blame them for the lack of sales. That’s on me and my lack of marketing 😂

Great Selection of High-Quality paper

The Printspace offers an extensive selection of papers for different preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant watercolour-like textures of Hahnemühle Photo Rag or the sharp, reflective Fuji Flex, there’s something for every artistic vision. Personally, I often go for the Fuji Matt for its outstanding value, especially for poster prints.

Their current selection of papers is as follows:

    • C-Type Digital Printing Papers: Fuji Matt, Fuji Gloss, Fuji Flex, Fuji Pearl

    • Giclee Printing Papers: Ilford Cotton Textured, Canson Baryta, Epson Semi Gloss, Hahnemühle Bamboo, Hahnemühle Pearl, Hahnemühle Photorag, Hahnemühle German Etching

For those who want an extra touch, giclee prints on these papers, coupled with framing, Passepartout, and anti-reflective glass, create a truly premium display – When I want something that looks extra nice – I prefer the giclee prints.

Not just for photography

The Printspace’s diverse print and paper selection makes it a great choice for photographers and other artists. To find the perfect match for your work, I recommend buying their photo and art print paper sample packs, where you can get the papers in your hands and see and feel the quality.

Reasonable prices and fast shipping

Considering the quality, the prices are very reasonable. When writing this, the regular price for a 100×70 cm image on Matte Fuji Photo paper is €41, including VAT and €16 shipping to Denmark. Impressively, deliveries in Denmark often take less than 48 hours from order placement.

Exclusive Discount Code for your first order

As a business affiliate with The Printspace, I can offer you a discount code for your prints. Use the code PNNOD1M at checkout to receive 50% off your first order (up to €30 off). In return, I earn a 10% commission on your orders for the first year (At no extra cost to you), allowing me to fund my prints at a reduced cost.

Just use the code PNNOD1M at checkout.

Head over to to order prints of your photos.

Find examples on their website.

I’d recommend that you take a look at the different paper and print examples on their website to give you the best impression of the paper and print types.

You can find the examples for Giclee prints here:

In conclusion, my experience with The Printspace has been nothing short of great. Their dedication to quality and service makes them my top recommendation for anyone seeking professional photo printing solutions.