The Aalborg Tower Over The Moon

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This one was a challenge. It took a couple of days of planning and effort to align everything. This image was shot on the 11th of August in Aalborg, Denmark, just when the full moon peeked. At the same time, it was as close as it gets to a Blood Moon without an eclipse. That’s why the moon is so warm and orange in color.

I took the shot from a balcony in an apartment block where I was lucky to get access. Initially, I had set up everything in one location, but it turned out that my planning had gone wrong, so when the time came, and the moon began to rise, I was nowhere near a location where the tower and the moon aligned. So I had to pick up my gear and change location, fast. I ended up relocating to another place about 600 meters from the original location, but the moon was moving so fast that I couldn’t get the tower in front of the moon. So I asked permission from a resident in the nearby building if I could shoot from their balcony. Luckily I got the shot. I had a window of about 15-30 seconds where everything lined up, so I was fortunate to press the shutter at the right time.

Gear and Settings:
Sony A7III with Sony 200-600mm @600mm
1/320s – f/6.3 – ISO800


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The Aalborg Tower Over The Moon
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